What is Firebot?

Firebot is an application for running Interactive on Mixer.com channels. If you’ve been around Mixer before you’ve probably noticed channels with buttons below the stream video. These buttons allow the audience to interact with the stream in all kinds of ways. Firebot helps make that easy for the streamer while allowing for a huge variety of customization options.

The application is open source. This means that everyone has free access to the code to see exactly how everything works. Not only that, but the app is built and maintained by Mixer community developers. But, it’s not just the developers who help out. Development on the app follows feature requests entered by the community as a whole.

If you’re not a streamer, this app won’t have much to offer you. But, if you are, then please take a moment to check out our tutorials section full of community created tutorials and guides. If you’d like to see patch notes or our latests releases, those are also available on the site.